Great Tone at a Great Price

Guitar amps for the player with champagne ears and a beer budget

Started by an enthusiast who wanted a lot of different sounds but realized he could never afford all the great amps he wanted

Attention to the details that mean a difference in what gets to your ears..not always the most beautiful but certainly the best sound for the money.

I never build anything I would not or do not play for myself. I focus on a quality build, classic design and a great tone but realize not everyone can afford to plunk down several thousand (heck, even several hundred) dollars on an amp.

Whether its a reproduction of an old classic amp faithful to the look, sound and component layout or a conversion of an old tube organ or PA amp into a new life as a guitar amp, I try to bring value and sense to an industry that makes a lot of noise about magic tone or secret components that in the end don't justify the cost- but then again they have a lot more overhead than I do, so Marketing has to sometimes take the place of results.

I hope this site will show you some of the many dozens of amp styles I have done in the past. I have built so many different circuits I am sure something here will strike close to what your looking for. I have built high gain custom amps, low power circuits for the living room player and just about everything in between. I've even built kits for guys who get in over their heads or want an amp kit built for them and still saves them major bucks over a retail purchased amp.

All my amps are hand wired and circuit board free. I use point to point, eyelet or turret board or a little of all the above in building my amps. I try to recommend sensible component choices that make a difference in the final sound, not just recommending the most expensive transformer 'cause all the web sites say they have some secret mojo. I have used most all current production components and when cost is an object I can help keep the project within your budget. Some guys just want all the best and most expensive and those are great amps to build too, but I am totally sympathetic to getting the best sound to all pocketbooks.

OK- enough sales pitch. Here are some of the circuits I've built:

Fender Tweeds- Just about all of them. The Champ, the Princeton, the Deluxe (the TV fronts and the Narrow Panels), the Bandmaster (a great but unhearlded amp between the Deluxe and the Bassman), the Bassman, the Pro, the Super and the Tweed Twin- low power and high power.

Fender Brown, White and Blackface versions- The Champ, Vibrochamp, Brownface Vibroverb, White 6G6 Bassman and Blackface Bassman, Princeton Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, etc. Several variations for folks who wanted just a single channel of a Bassman or similar tweaks.

Marshall- The 1974 18 watt circuit and the "lite" version as well. The JTM 45 Bluesbreaker, the JCM800 master volume and many variations for more gain, less gain etc.

Dumble and Trainwreck inspired amps both high power and 2 watt versions. Have you ever heard a 2 watt Trainwreck? Its a perfect living room amp!mini wreck

Matchless, Dr. Z, AX84 inspired builds as well.

I know I am leaving out a lot. I cut my teeth converting older Organ and PA amps into classic circuit guitar amps and I still build them and sell a lot on ebay when I have the time. I just find it satisfing to take an old amp that may wind up in the trash and make it an affordable Tweed Deluxe or Marshall 18 watt Lite amp somebody can use for years to come. The ultimate recycler? These are a great value and that old iron was made from steel stock just not obtainable today...magic mojo??

Take a look at my contact page for several clips of amps I have built. A sound file is worth a thousand words.